Tired of struggling to find an easy & reasonably priced alternative to spending hours struggling to figure out how to prepare your Form 8621s? Are you left with no profits from your passive foreign investment companies after paying an accountant to prepare Form 8621?

We have 2 options to save you time & money- and make dealing with your PFIC-EZ!

  • Do-it-yourself
  • We prepare the form for you


Our NEW DIY interface is priced at $89.95 USD per form. You will have access to our professional grade Form 8621 Calculator software in order to enter the transactional data yourself and print the completed forms & calculations ready to be filed. In addition, you will be provided with a consolidated Forms Guide that shows where all the numbers appear on your US Form 1040 tax return.

This option is intended for people that are computer literate and do not require assistance in selecting a method of taxation for their PFIC investments. Your .csv spreadsheets can be imported directly into the software.

Expert Prep

We will do all the heavy lifting for you and provide the complete form, calculations and Forms Guide showing where the numbers go on your US Form 1040 Tax Return.  Our fee is $150 USD per form, with discounts starting on the 11th form.  If you wish to make a mark to market or QEF election we will do that for no additional fee.

No matter which option is right for you, our services provide a seamless continuity from year to year. When you return each new tax season, you will only need to provide the past year’s transactions. Our software will carryover all transactions entered in prior years, take care of the currency conversions to USD using spot rates, make any required basis adjustments each year, track unreversed inclusions.

What You Need

Both DIY & Expert Prep options require the transaction history for each PFIC investment from the date of purchase, including purchases, sales, reinvestments of distributions, return of capital and distributions taken in cash, as well as the value on Dec 31 for each year being prepared.  Our software does spot rate currency conversions to USD, so please provide the information in the functional currency of the investment.

Click here for a copy of the PFIC-EZ Workorder. This can be filled out and imported into the program, sent to us for Expert Prep services, or used as a guide to prepare your own spreadsheet.

PFIC-EZ Form 8621 Sample

What You Get

  • DIY users have access to our online Form 8621 calculator
  • Complete, ready to file Form 8621
  • Calculation details for your files
  • Our Forms Guide –A road map of where all the resulting numbers should be entered on the tax return.
  • Spot rate currency conversions for 150+ currencies
  • Prepare current or prior year tax forms
At your request, we are happy to set up an encrypted email account so you can send us your information in a secure fashion.  Please never email personal information- especially your SSN or ITIN.


PFIC-EZ DIY provides professional quality PFIC calculations for a fraction of the cost of a CPA.

Expat Tax Tools, Inc. is a proud Canadian company and accepts payment in Canadian dollars. This software has been developed by Canadian citizens for our American friends.

Looking should never cost you money. Feel free to ask for a free peak into our software so you can decide whether the PFIC-EZ DIY or Expert Prep is the right solution for you.

Security and Privacy

You need to protect your personal and financial information. Form 8621 Calculator does not store any sensitive information ensuring the security of your personal data. You only need to enter your Name, Address and SSN to generate a completed form.

Completed forms are not stored on our servers, but they are generated and sent directly to your browser when requested.

You can use the PFIC-EZ Calculator with any modern web browsers.
Supported browsers include, but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Chrome 22+
  • Firefox 27+
  • Safari 6+