Form 8621 Calculator Pricing

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There are three different options for access that offer a different range of features. Choose the one that is right for your business.

Flexible Pricing

Form 8621 Calculator can be licensed based on your business size. It means you can get the solution that fits your needs and budget.

Cloud Subscription License

To utilize the calculator, an annual subscription is necessary, priced at $59.40 USD or $79.80 CAD. In addition to the subscription fee you can purchase forms individually or in a bundle as outlined in the following table:

Number of Forms Price in USD Price in CAD
Total Per Form Total Per Form
Pay-As-You-Go 74.95 104.95
50 Forms Bundle 2,495.00 49.90 3,492.50 69.85
100 Forms Bundle 2,795.00 27.95 3,913.00 39.13
200 Forms Bundle 3,476.00 17.38 4,866.00 24.33
300 Forms Bundle 4,149.00 13.83 5,811.00 19.37
400 Forms Bundle 4,820.00 12.05 6,748.00 16.87
500 Forms Bundle 5,475.00 10.95 7,680.00 15.36

If you bought a bundle, you may update to the next bundle within one year from the purchase by only paying the price difference between them. Additionally, within one year from the purchase date, you can purchase extra form updates at a rate of $9.95 USD / $13.95 CAD per form when acquiring the 500 forms bundle.

Bundle pricing allows you to purchase only the amount of forms you need. Note that the option to upgrade between bundles is restricted to a one-year period from the date of purchase.

Since bundles do not expire we offer no refunds for unused forms.

If your license expires without renewal, a $4.95 USD / 6.65 CAD monthly inactivity fee is charged to preserve your client information and database, provided there is a credit on your account. If there is no credit on your account, your client information will be permanently deleted to uphold the integrity and security of our client database.

All prices are subject to the applicable GST/HST.

Security and Privacy

You need to protect your client’s personal and financial information. Form 8621 Calculator puts you in control of sensitive client details so you decide how the information is seen and stored.

Administrative Rights Limited to user administration
Password Reset option Enabled
Location of financial data Cloud server
Location of sensitive client data client sensitive data is not collected
Collecting and storing client name and SSN Clients identified by ID only*
Collecting and storing client address Disabled
Collecting and storing client bank account numbers Limited to last 4 digits
Address of financial institution on Form 8621 Optional
Search client list Optional
Print Client ID on reports Enabled
Custom company code in Reference Numbers Enabled
Keeping copy of PDF forms on server PDFs are generated on request, not saved to server
System back-up Daily
Maintenance Updates By Expat Tax Tools

*Client ID is an alphanumeric identifier set by the User.

Access Form 8621 Calculator in these supported browsers :

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Chrome 22+
  • Firefox 27+
  • Safari 6+

For more product information or to discuss licensing of Form 8621 Calculator, please contact:

Mary Beth Lougen, EA, USTCP, NTPI Fellow
1 (613) 691-8621 Ext 1