You can prepare the 8621 yourself! Now we have a solution for you. For several years our clients have been asking for a solution that would be cost effective for them.

What you get with our Pay-as-you-go Solution

Just like our subscription options you receive the same level of expertise in understanding PFIC regulations and delivering software that makes it easy to complete Form 8621 including

  • Access to our Cloud based calculator
  • Forms Guide – Our Forms Guide provides a road map of where all the resulting numbers should be entered on the tax return.
  • A completed Form 8621
  • Calculation details for your files
  • We tell you where all the numbers go on the tax return as a crosscheck
  • We provide all statements required by the IRS to support the calculated amounts on Form 8621 which can be attached as a PDF to most tax software programs.
  • Currency conversions for 150+ foreign currencies

What You Need

You will require the transaction history for each PFIC investment from the date of purchase, including purchases, sales, reinvestments of distributions, return of capital and distributions taken in cash, as well as the value on Dec 31 for each year being prepared. Our software does spot rate currency conversions to USD, so please provide the information in the functional currency of the investment.

Click here for a copy of the PFIC-PRO Workorder form. This can be filled out and imported into the program, or sent to us for Expert Prep services.

PFIC-PRO Form 8621 Sample

What You Get

  • PAYG users have access to the professional version of the Form 8621 calculator
  • Complete, ready to file Form 8621
  • Calculation details for your files
  • Our Forms Guide – A road map of where all the resulting numbers should be entered on the tax return.
  • Spot rate currency conversions for 150+ currencies
  • Prepare current or prior year tax forms
If you chose to use our form preparation services, we are happy to set up an encrypted email account so you can send us your information in a secure fashion. Please never email personal information- especially your SSN or ITIN.


To utilize the calculator, an annual subscription is necessary, priced at $59.40 USD or $79.80 CAD. In addition to the subscription fee you can purchase forms individually as needed.

PFIC-PRO provides professional quality PFIC calculations for a fraction of the cost of a CPA.

Expat Tax Tools, Inc. is a proud Canadian company and accepts payment in Canadian dollars. This software has been developed by Canadian citizens for our American friends.

Looking should never cost you money. Feel free to ask for a free peak into our software so you can decide whether the PFIC-PRO or Expert Prep is the right solution for you.

Security and Privacy

You need to protect your personal and financial information. Form 8621 Calculator does not store any sensitive information ensuring the security of your personal data. You only need to enter your Name, Address and SSN to generate a completed form.

Completed forms are not stored on our servers, but they are generated and sent directly to your browser when requested.

You can use the PFIC-PRO Calculator with any modern web browsers.
Supported browsers include, but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Chrome 22+
  • Firefox 27+
  • Safari 6+