Only Have a Few Forms to Prepare?

Do you want to prepare the 8621 your self but only have a few clients? Now we have a solution for you. For several years our clients have been asking for a solution that would be cost effective for small numbers of clients. With our new Pay As You Go option you or one of your team can now take advantage of the time saving Form 8621 Calculator on a per use basis. No need to pay the full subscription fee for a few forms.


With the Pay As You Go you only pay for the forms you prepare. Our new Pay As You Go license option does not have any upfront costs and there is no licensing fee. You simply pay the $59.95 USD / $84.95 CAD form fee for each form at the time of calculating forms.

What you get with Pay As You Go

Just like our subscription options you receive the same level of expertise in understanding PFIC regulations and delivering software that makes it easy to complete Form 8621 including

  • Access to our Cloud based calculator
  • Forms Guide – Our Forms Guide provides a road map of where all the resulting numbers should be entered on the tax return.
  • A completed Form 8621
  • Calculation details for your files
  • We tell you where all the numbers go on the tax return as a crosscheck
  • We provide all statements required by the IRS to support the calculated amounts on Form 8621 which can be attached as a PDF to most tax software programs.
  • Currency conversions for 150+ foreign currencies

Security and Privacy

You need to protect your client’s personal and financial information. Form 8621 Calculator puts you in control of sensitive client details so you decide how the information is seen and stored.

Administrative Rights Limited to user administration
Password Reset option Enabled
Location of financial data Cloud server
Location of sensitive client data client sensitive data is not collected
Collecting and storing client name and SSN Clients identified by ID only*
Collecting and storing client address Disabled
Collecting and storing client bank account numbers Limited to last 4 digits
Address of financial institution on Form 8621 Optional
Search client list Optional
Print Client ID on reports Enabled
Custom company code in Reference Numbers Enabled
Keeping copy of PDF forms on server PDFs are generated on request, not saved to server
System back-up Daily
Maintenance Updates By Expat Tax Tools

*Client ID is an alphanumeric identifier set by the User.

Access Form 8621 Calculator in these supported browsers :

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Chrome 22+
  • Firefox 27+
  • Safari 6+