Want us to Prepare form 8621 for you?

If you are someone who prepares their own taxes every year- but now you realize you own PFIC investments and need to file IRS Form 8621 to report them and you can’t find someone to prepare the forms for you- we can help!

Stop the headaches!

The professionals at Expat Tax Tools have the only commercially available software to prepare Form 8621, Information Return by a Shareholder of a Passive Foreign Investment Company or Qualified Electing Fund. We will prepare the forms and attachments for you to include with your US Form 1040 tax return. Our fees include an IRS approved Form 8621 with all required statements ready to slide into your 1040 as well as a guide showing where the numbers appear on the other tax forms. We provide easy to follow images of the other IRS forms with the numbers on the appropriate lines so you can just plug the numbers into your tax software or forms and finish your taxes with confidence.

We will need a copy of the transactional history of each mutual fund (PFIC) from the date of the first purchase. Banks and financial advisors can usually provide this to you if you don’t have all your statements.

  • We will provide a written estimate of fees prior to beginning any work.
  • We can prepare Form 8621 for QEF, Mark to Market, and section 1291 taxation.
  • We use secure file transfer systems so your financial information is safe.


How much does it cost?

The base fee is $165 USD / $220 CAD per form when the transactions are submitted in an excel format.

There is an additional $165 USD / $220 CAD hourly charge for transactions submitted using statements or other documents.

Jobs over 10 forms require a 50% retainer.

* Professional discounts available please contact us at b.lougen@expattaxtools.com

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