New Function

We are bringing the option to print forms containing the client information that was only available on the server program to the cloud.

You no longer need to edit the completed PDFs to include the client’s name, address and SSN, now you can print form 8621s that include the client information. With this new function we also eliminate the need to print each forms separately. With a simple click you can now print the whole completed form portfolio that is ready to be attached to your client’s tax return.

See the how-to guide at for this new exciting feature.

Form 8621 Update: QEF Calculation Module (v17.03.01)

Expat Tax Tools is pleased to announce the release of our newest calculation module for completing the Form 8621 for Qualified Electing Funds (QEF).

The new QEF module includes both the pedigreed and un-pedigreed calculations, deemed sale elections, and prior year adjustments (when needed).

Also included in this release the following exciting new features:

  • Hiding or Showing PFIC investments that are sold in the form view screen;
  • Ability to enter per-share transaction amounts;
  • Ability to add notes to transactions and making an election whether the note appears on the PDF statement or not.

Additional changes:

  • Removed the alternate data entry option;
  • Removed the pop-up notification when the current transaction is over or under the set threshold amount.